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About TLC Delights

TLC Delights' products have been developed by Irma Botes M.Sc. (Dietetics), a clinical dietitian, who has 19 years’ experience in global health product and supplement development.

Irma has an immense passion for sugar-free product development, not only as a result of her professional background, but due to the fact that she herself has been a Type I diabetic for 33 years. She understands the gaps in this market as experienced by diabetic consumers. The sugar-free market is a rapidly growing market, but there is still a lack in variety of products offered globally, and we know that not all these products are palatable.

Our products can, therefore, safely be used by diabetics, as part of an energy-controlled eating plan. These products are also suitable for Banting, individuals following a Ketogenesis (Keto) diet, as well as other low-carbohydrate diets.

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